View from the Law Library stacks of new construction next to the Law School.
NGIN membes Jan Jorgensen, Herrick Heitman, Jean Hartman, and Robin Clausen meeting folks in Technical Services as part of the Library tour.
NGIN officers Robin Clausen (Secretary) and Justin Otto (President Elect) chatting during coffee break.
NGIN Librarians posing for a picture after the meeting at Gonzaga University School of Law Library.
Staffer of the Month
Carlos A. Diaz
Originally from Honduras, history buff and science fiction aficionado Carlos has spent over twelve years in the Pacific Northwest working for various regional government document depositories.
Coordinator of the Month
Cassandra Hartnett
Adjunct professor Cass Hartnett has recently co-authored Fundamentals of Government Information: Mining, Finding, Evaluating, and Using Government Resources with Eric J. Forte and Andrea L. Sevetson.
Member of the Month
Rob Lopresti
When he isn't hard at work as the Government Documents Coordinator at Western Washington University, Rob is also an award-winning mystery writer.

News and Announcements

February 25, 2015

Rob Lopresti's short story Nachshon has been accepted into the upcoming fall publication of the short story anthology Jewish Noir by PM Press.

February 1, 2015

NGIN Staffer Carlos A. Diaz has created a set of posters celebrating Black History Month featuring African-Americans in U.S. stamps. Find out why these famous figures have become part of our national heritage.

December 2, 2014

NGIN's Spring Conference will be held at the University of Idaho on Monday, May 11, 2015. Sign up here with the registration form.

September 30, 2014

Past President Rob Lopresti has released a new book: Shanks on Crime. Visit for more information.

September 28, 2014

Secretary Cass Hartnett is working on the 2nd edition of Fundamentals of Government Information: Mining, Finding, Evaluating, and Using Government Resources. Visit the ALA store for more information on the 1st edition.

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Website of the Week: Smithsonian Magazine

As you know, the Smithsonian Institution is a quasi-agency of the federal government. Though, we do receive quite a few government documents, the one we don't receive is their flagship publication Smithsonian Magazine.

I've had a subscription to this magazine before and have always been enthralled by it. Its pages offer all sorts of things that allow you to explore your mind...a wonderful learning opportunity. In its online version, there are not only wonderful images but also videos made available as well.

Their topics focus mostly on history, science, innovation, travel, arts, and culture. The writing is excellent and the visuals are amazing.

Some sample articles:

"Japan Announces Plans for the First Hotel Run by Robots"
"Designing Buildings For Hot Climates, Cold Ones and Everything in Between"
"What Exactly is Duck Sauce"

Take a look at it sometime.

Smithsonian Magazine

As for the Smithsonian Institution and its museum is a must see whenever you go to Washington DC. SI is not one giant museum but 20 different museums including the National Zoo, nine research centers, and four cultural centers. There is a lot to see including:

  • The American History Museum
  • The Air & Space Museum
  • African American History and Culture Museum
  • American Indian Museum
  • The Portrait Gallery
  • The Postal Museum

... and so much more.
If you have gone to a Smithsonian museum, which one was your favourite and why?

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